Our Social Entrepreneur, Our Dream Together

“nothing will change without taking one step forward”

As I carved those word to my mind, I decided to establish a social entrepreneur in Integrated Plastic Waste Management (processing the plastic waste to plastic pellets) which empowered scavengers so that they have a better living and future, for them and they family.
My preparation in setting my mind was not in a short time. I think I need at least 1 year to make sure myself again and again. As I’am the type who will not holding back and moving back for the decision I had made.
So, Thanks a million for Allah SWT who give me so many guidances until now where I already have a solid team for this social entrepreneur. those great friends are Nurul, Lady, Meu, Ratu, Yelna, and Ayu. I felt really grateful because after 1 month together with them, we already have the same vision.
The vision of our social entrepreneur in Indonesian language is “Menjadi perusahaan kelas dunia dengan bisnis yang berorientasi pada perbaikan lingkungan dan peningkatan kualitas hidup masyarakat melalui pengolahan limbah plastik menjadi produk bijih plastik yang berkualitas”.
I also feel grateful to our coacher. Brother Sandy and Singgih from Economy Faculty who taught us how to run a Plastic Waste Management. Sister Alia from Economy Faculty and Dreamdelion who taught us how to make our team become solid. Brother Ihsan from ICDC who taught us the stage 2 to go througth of social entrepreneur which is make the social entrepreneur have a legal form.
So now, we are in the process in making a portfolio of our social entrepreneur system for proposal. I hope there are any institution who are willing to be a sponsor of this social entrepreneur. I already know this path will no be easy, but the sadness of not doing anything will break my heart more. So, bismillah, I believe Allah SWT always help us.

“My team, this is our social entrepreneur, our dream together, lets take this path and crying of happiness in the future for the positive changes we made”


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