Please, make change

We live in a world full of unfairness

I have just seen Freedom Writer movie
and see how people are divided based on their place of origin
Asian, Negro, Black, White
They fight, they are in war, they try defend their life.
But actually, they don’t know why this division are made and who started it.
They just live in it as it is their normal life.

I also watched The Help movie
and see how black people are discriminated.
They have to use different toilet, bus, and other else.
They have to depend their life to white people (They worked for white people).

We also live in a system that makes us being a slave!!

I have just watched Food Inc
a documentary film documented food chain in America.
It turns out, or thought of there are so may choices of food in supermarket
and that our food is maked well are a dellusion!
It is a dellusion of choices and thought!!
Actually we never be free!

Do you guys know American Dream movie?
It is a documentary film made in cartoon so we can watch it comfortably.
The movie tells that we are just a slave of money.
We will never be free from debt.
Consequently, we try harder to get more money
we ignore important people around us
we lost identity, uniqueness
This is not only happen in America but also in other countries.
Including the country I live.

We also live in a world full of people abusing his power, being a tyranny

I read a book which tells a true story how a seven years old girl forced to marry a man
50-60 years older than her.
As a woman, I imagine if I were in her position.
A huge fear came and I don’t want to live anymore.

My beloved country got rank for its corruption.
Those coruptors still can smile as they did not do something wrong.
Don’t they know?
They are an indirect murderer? A silent murderer?
Behind their not-halal wealth
they step on poor people life and hope.

We all know those reality
So, what we are gonna do?
Do we just stay, live a normal life?
Being a part of system, obey the rules?
Do we really have no choice?

As for me
I want people being seen equally.
I want a system that see each person potential and uniquenees.
I want people act independently.

Lets your positive dream come true

People who stop do right thing are people without morality.
Though sky is dark, stars shine it.
We, in this dark world, we can choose to be that star.
Please, I believe there is star inside our heart.
Appreciate it, take care of it, relight it.
Please, make change! World needs you.


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