Eyeshield 21: Shounen Manga Worth It to Read

One of my shounen manga recommendation is Eyeshiled 21. Its rare to have a female like me to read a shounen manga like Eyeshield 21. But, I think Eyeshield is very worth reading even for woman. I’m proud to ever read Eyeshield 21 as one of best manga. Its genres are comedy, drama, shounen, and sports.

images 21

The story centers around Sena Kobayakawa, a cowardly high school freshman who made to run errands for people using his unnaturally good running skills. As he entered Deimon High School, he decided to change himself to start something new, to make friend, and to changes his life. Its interesting when he decided to join American Football Team. At first he joined as secretary but Hiruma Youichi, a quarterback of American Football Team, the most devilish person in Eyeshield 21 world, forced him to become a runner. Voila! Though he struggled a lot, he became an eyeshield 21. Eyeshield 21 refers to nickname of the best running back in Notredame United States. Of course the nickname Hiruma gives was a fake, it was only to make opponent scared but Sena really became a best runner and achieved to have a showdown match with the real eyeshield 21, Yamato Takeru. Before that match, Sena’s skills and life has developed. Deimon team has to have a match with Shinruji Naga, Zokugaku Chameleons, Koigahama Cupid, Seibu Wild Gunman, Ojo White Knights, Kyoshin Poseidon, Bando Spider, Nasa Aliens, and some more that I forget. Sena got a new skills such as Devil Bat Ghost, Devil Bat Hurricane, Devil Bat Dive, Devil 4th Dimension.


The storyline is flows naturally and very funny. Its so fun to read it. I laughed so many times and hard just because seeing the picture. Each character has unique characteristic that hard to forget. The team developed step by step. As a female reader, I really want to appreciate the way the author telling the story in easy-to-understand-way so I can understand the rule of American Football clearly though I never watch a match before. Because of this manga, I have a dream to watch a real American Football game in United States.


There was one favourite quote that I won’t forget from this extraordinary story.
“All those who play on the field will have tasted defeat. There’s no player in this world who has not lost before. However, the best players will give everything he’s got to stand up again. Ordinary people take a while to get back on their feet. While losers will remain flat on the field” quoted by Darrell Royal, Headcoach if University of Texas Longhorns



So readers, especially for female readers, dont hesitate reading this manga. Its worthed!!


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