Four big moments in this past 1 year that change my life

Hello, its been a long time for me to write down my mind like this.
Woaahh, i feel so excited XD

In this 1 year behind, my paradigm changed a lot. My horizon is expanded. To count it, I get 4 big moments in the past 1 year.

The first one is when I joined AIESEC UI as Head of Event in on of AIESEC UI program which is Social Entrepreneur Project. Does anyone know the meaning of social entrepreneur? At first, I really don’t know about it. It seems so strange. But then I figured that social entrepreneur is very amazing!! SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR CAN EMPOWER POOR PEOPLE YET GET A REVENUE FROM IT!! We solve the social and economic problem only by doing one thing! Its booming around the world up until now.

“social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry” – Ashoka CEO & Founder Bill Drayton –

From AIESEC UI learned a lot how to act profesional, how to keep steady in under pressure condition, and how to keep so many things in a same time. For comparison, what I’am doing in the project alone is what 5-8 people doing in another organization. I also got so many memorable moments with my team. Thank you so much my dearest team. Maybe it is what Allah SWT want me to become, since that, I start to have a dream of becoming a social entrepreneur.

The second one is being a junior researcher Junior Researcher of ID-TECH (Integrated Design and Technology Research Group) Faculty of Engineering UI. I never thought that I would join ID-TECH. I think it was an accident or Allah SWT just guided me. I joined because my adviser of my thesis is the head of ID-TECH. My second adviser also in ID-TECH. Lets call my first adviser as Mr.A. You know, Mr.A is very very very genius!! No one can follow his mind since he is so visioner, he like to talk fast and jump into conclusion. It was hard for a moment. Thanks God with so many support from my friends whose also under his guidance, we face it together. Right now, even we have an English Day Program and jogging together. He broad our horizon by telling us how is the situation in abroad, how the infrastructure there is really well developed with so many innovations, how we can also develop like that, how we can change the world. He make us dare to dream higher, appreciate ourseld and to have no limitation.

“Prinsip gue adalah bangun, bangun, bangun!! Kita bangun berbagai infrastruktur! Untuk Indonesia!!” Mr. A quote

The third one is when I get offer to become Project Officer of National Social Business Camp held by Dreamdelion. Dreamdelion is a social entrepreneur which empower unemployed people by making a handicraft. NSBC itself is initiated because therea a many people ask Dreamdelion how to be a social entrepreneur. Since we can answer it one by one, lets just make a event where the participant can get a whole package about how to be a social entrepreneur and make its sustainable.
The committee of NSBC is from various universities which is UI, STIS, UNAIR, PNJ, Mercubuana, UNJ, IPB, UHAMKA, and Gunadarma. So many people with various background. Thanks God with that we can see a problem with different perspectives. It is really fun to be with them. Besides that, I also learn the power of social media. How a good, provocative, and continuous branding can affect a lot.

The fourth one is Plastichood. Plastichood is a social entrepreneur initiated by my 6 dearest friend and me to empower scavanger family by managing plastic waste into plastic pellets. It is still an embrio since we still have it as a concept. What I love and proud so much is us (7 people) have a great sense of belonging of Plastichood. I believe we can make it into a real deal 2 years from now.

With these 4 big moments, I met many people. I then realized, there a many people already know my knowledge that I got in this past 1 years, 2-6 years earlier than me. That people, already improve a lot and really far ahead. Somehow, it kind of make me regret. Why I don’t realize these thing faster? and so another why. But, I have to feel grateful for what I have known right now. Even it is a late start, I can keep going with acceleration. Allah SWT, thank you for guided me until what I become right now.


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