Fall in Love again with American Football

Dear reader, I ever wrote about “Eyeshield 21: Shounen Manga Worthed to Read”. Reading this manga is my first encounter to know American Football. A brutal game yet very strategic and fascinating. And then two days ago, I encountered a movie that I never expected to be sooooo great and inspiring. Furthermore, there are American Football in it.

Yup, the movie is The Blind Side which is made based on true story. This movie story is about a guy named Michael Oher who came from a poor family. He is living nowhere until he meet with Leigh Anne who later on take care of him. The points is Michael Oher is a black person, despite that fact, Leigh Anne who is a white person, still take care of him. For the first time in his life, Michael feels like seeing a ray of hope. He have a home, a family that really cares for him, a bed, and a purpose of life. His transformation from a can-not-smile-guy to a-smile-guy-with-raising-hope in the movie really moves me and makes me cry.


Giving is human-being. We do not have any specific reason to do it.

What Leigh Anne has done to take cares of Michael is actually a common sense as a human-being. We still have to help each other no matter who you are and who are the people we help, no matter if they come from different skin, religion, race, or country. Its just right now, we seeing that as a charity or not a thing we have to do. Watching this movie, make me realize again that despite there are so many pragmatic people out there about this issue, there are still many people who care and doing something real, impactful, and change a person’s life.

Okay, back to why I write this though the title of this article is “Falling in love again with Amerincan Football” is in the movie, Michael turns out become one of the most successful player of NFL in history if NFL in US. His role is offensive tackle and protector of Quarterback (QB).

Lets get familiar first with the position of the NFL team. Basically, there are 3 positions possible in the game, which is the offense (the team with the ball, who is trying to score), the defense (the team trying to prevent the other team from scoring, and to take the ball from them), and the special teams (who play in kicking situations). We played the the game according we have the ball, prevent the other team from scoring or if we are in kicking situation.


When the players go to their position, lineman are frozen, spectators are silent too. There are a moment of silent with our breath choked. Then, in one second just like a lightning strikes, the center send back the ball to Quarterback, the QB starts its team strategy, maybe gives the ball to Running Back or throw the ball to Receiver, or just its strategy get scattered because he get a blitz attack from line backer of the defensive team. That moments happened really quick as if we don’t know the rules or our eyes can not follow the ball, we can not understanding the progress of the game.

It is really important to let QB can plays its team strategy though he face a really dangerous situation like a blitz attack. So, its really important to protect the QB’s blind side which is behing his left back. Here it is the important role of protector QB which is played by Michael Oher. If we do not understand the rules, maybe we will underestimate this game. Though, the games is really full with strategy. Once we know the strategy the teams made to win the games, it is really fascinating.

Akhrk, I hope one day I can watch the match directly. Watching American Football is on my wish list now!!


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