5 Social Entrepreneurs Around The World

“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry” (Bill Drayton – Ashoka CEO & Founder). Social entrepreneur is beyond the pure entrepreneur because its solve social problem through business approach. Not only making a great and holistic scale of change but also increasing sense of humanity of people. Social entrepreneur become a hot topic all around the world. Its often discussed by practitioners and academics. Even Social Enterprise Club in Harvard Business School becomes the biggest club in its school with more than 400 members. Lots of studies, papers, and journals published relating to the social entrepreneur.

This paper presents 5 social entrepreneurs emerging in various country. Though their issue they take is different, they shared a same vision which is create a better world.

1. Three Avocados
Three Avocados was started in Bulopa Uganda, a village with very poor and marginalized people. They do not have access for proper health, education, and water facilities and services. This social enterprise explored the potential of local area which came out as coffee beans that 100% Arabica and come from Mount Elgon in Uganda and Kenya where known as the sources of some of the best coffee beans in a world. Profit from coffee sale is used for The Water Project, an establishment of water facilities in various places in Africa. By now, more than 20.000 people have been reached by The Water Project. Three Avocados can be reached in http://www.threeavocados.org

Three Avocados Logo

The Water Project in Apolika

2. The Plastic Bank
The Plastic Bank is a business driven by social impact. David Katz – the founder – is willing to make The Plastic Bag after he saw the beaches is more crowded with plastic waste rather than people. Furthermore, he witnessed a video of albatrosses choking on plastic. In May 2013, The Plastic Bank was born officially. It is focused on revealing value in plastic and people. In return of exchanging plastic, people can get health, education, and 3D printing sevices. By now, The Plastic Bank has offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, & San Diego, California, USA. With partners & advisors in London UK, Lima Peru, Florida, Michigan, New York, Washington, Texas, USA, Sydney, Australia, BC & Toronto Canada. Social Plastic™ is a global trademark of The Plastic Bank. The Plastic Bag can be reached in http://plasticbank.org

The Plastic Bank Logo

3. d.light
d.light is an international social enterprise serving households without access to reliable electricity. Co-founder Sam Goldman got inspired after during his Peace Corps sevice in Benin, Africa, he saw his neighbor’s son was badly burned by an overtuned kerosene lamp. Along with the knowledge that 2.3 billion people in the world still do not have access to reliable electricity. He and Ned Tozun (also a co-founder) developed their initial prototype solar lantern. In its development, d.light design, manufacture, and distribute solar light and power products throughout the developing world. By now, there have been 34.455.217 people got their lives empowered. Website d.light is http://www.dlightdesign.com

Dlogo_tagline orange
d.light Logo

4. Me to We
Me to We is a social enterprise that empowers consumers to make choices that have real impacts. Me to We creates socially-conscious products and experiences with social and financial returns. Being in a family of organizations with Free The Children and We Day, they have a shared goal: to empower a generation to shift the world from ‘me’ to ‘we’—through how they act, how they give, the choices they make on what to buy and what to wear, the media they consume and the experiences with which they choose to engage. Website Me to We is http://www.metowe.com

Me to We Logo

5. Dreamdelion
Dreamdelion is a social entrepreneur in Indonesia that has been established for more than 2 years. Dreamdelion empowered unemployment marginalized women by making handicraft. By now, Dreamdelion has been opened 2 branch: Jakarta and Yogyakarta. In Jakarta, Its handicraft is a doll and other handicraft made by rcycle jeans while in Yogyakarta its handicraft is a various bag made from stagen (traditional cloth). Dreamdelion has 3 division of community development i.e. education, health, and creative. Dreamdelion website is http://www.dreamdelion.com

Dreamdelion Logo


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