The wheel of life is unstoppable. We live in a middle of human diversity. The life is various yet its become abyss of difference. There are people very grateful to be able to eat even for a day yet there are people that struggle in building a business empire. Yeah, for everyone, satisfaction is different.

No matter our situation is, we have to stay grateful because everything God gives us is to make us a better person. We ask for prosperity yet Allah SWT gives us a chances to change our live. We ask for mightiness yet Allah gives us an obstacles to overcome. We ask for everything we wanted yet Allah SWT gives us everything we need.

Just like in Surah Al Baqara verse 216: “Fighting is enjoined on you. and it is an object of dislike you; and it may be that you dislike a thing while its is good for you, and it may be that you love a thing while it is evil for you, and Allah knows, while you do not know”

Allah SWT always know what is the best for us. So, use everything that Allah SWT gives us maximally. Do not let that in the end, we get nothing and regret it because there is no turning back when it is too late,

Just like the song of Let Her Go from Passenger: You only need the light when it’s burning low; Only miss the sun when it starts to snow; Only know you love her when you let her go; Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low; Only hate the road when you’re missing home; Only know you love her when you let her go; And you let her go.

It is okay to makes mistake. But learn from it. Moreover, just makes mistakes that everyone never made before. Learn from the mistake of others because our time is limited. But, don’t make mistakes or play around for something so principal such as our dedication to Allah SWT because we never know when is our time to die and face Him. Do not fall in abyss of humiliation in hell. Stay strong, consistent, and persistent to reach His heaven and always be grateful for everything Allah SWT gives us. Allah knows best.


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