“Entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down”. We can conclude that entrepreneur is a high risk job but success, famous, and prosperity is right in front of his eyes if he survived

Entrepreneur can manage his time freely. He can wake up at 10 am one day and he can work out until midnight in another day. The amount of salary of is depends on how much he work and how success is his company. Very challenging isn’t it? 🙂

Along with those kind of entrepreneur’s life, there are many stories behind it. One of famous quote say, “In reality, it’s gritty and full of tough work whre you will be filled with self doubt”. The effective way for a new entrepreneur is to learn from the predecessor. So, I would like to share a mind blowing story, tips & trick, and advices from Arry Rahmawan, CEO of Cerdas Mulia. Do you guys know about Cerdas Mulia?

Arry Rahmawan, Ratu Aliah Sanada, and me

Cerdas Mulia is a training center focusses on unleash youth potential (range 16-25 years old) in public speaking and leadership. Cerdas Mulia vision is to let youth realize and fulfill their most potential and to let the youth implement their knowledge to other people. Cerdas stands for youth have to know their most inner potential and fulfill it. Mulia stands for youth have to implement their knowledge to other people. Cerdas and Mulia is one entity and complement each other that become nothing if stay alone. I conclude people of Cerdas Mulia has a passion in investing on and giving impact to people.

Cerdas Mulia has many achievements, broad networking, a hundred volunteers, unique programs, and many more. In its development, its success doesn’t automatically come, its founders struggling so much but they never give up. Until now, Cerdas Mulia (CM) is the leading training center with that specific goal in Indonesia. Its website is http://www.cerdasmulia.co.id

CM fully realize they have to keep innovating. Just how can CM growth until very success as right now? How can CM keep survive in the future? I would like to breakdown the causes of CM success into 4 main points based on Arry Rahmawan sharing.

1. Clear and focus objective
Drive by its passion in “investing on and giving impact to people” CM objective is to let youth realize and fulfill their most potential and to let youth implement their knowledge to other people. It stay focusess on youth in range of 16-25 years old. CM ever get bids to train people above 25 years old. The profit is high yet CM refused it because its different with its objective.
Furthermore, CM makes an achievement target that achievable yet high which is to start the training per 4 months. As its development, the frequency is increasing into per 2 months and then per 1 month until per 2 weeks and the training held in one time in 5 locations.
CM also has a blueprint like “what no to collaborate”, “what to collaborate, “when is the time to expand its market” and so on. People of CM always refers to its blueprint so CM will never go out of track.

2. Great strategy marketing
Every time CM makes a new program, CM will start with feasibility study stage. Its stage consists of market survey (whether it is possible to do and choose one focus target market), calculate cost (research cost, trainer cost, accommodation cost, and profit margin), and acceptance rate survey (whether target market willing to pay register fee or not). By doing this stage, its profit keeps stable.
I divide CM strategy marketing into early stage and middle stage. In early stage, CM promotes is program to strategic social media such as twitter. Assume they get 1000 people who get the information and get 100 people from it who want to take its program. After that, CM get 100 people as an alumni. CM maintains its relationship with 100 people as alumni. Thereafter, CM start the cycle again. In the end, its networking is more widespread as its alumni keep growing.
In middle stage, CM method in keeping its alumni is by providing an training event which the alumni can pay less than the non-alumni. CM also maintaining good relationship with simple and mutualism agreement.

3. An unique programs
As CM want to influence 100.000 people, CM minimizes its scope into 10.000 trainer. After doing some feasibility study stages, CM starts with generate 100 inspirator with target 1 inspirator will inspire 100 people. CM other unique program is to launch 1.000 books from its trainers. Every trainer has to have a minimum 10.000 training hours. CM program is stay focus as its objective. More than that, its programs is unique and accepted by its target market.

4. System that prosper the people
Arry Rahmawan said, “Entrepreneur is a professional people that must generated profit from its business. Entrepreneur is prospering people and our self. If we don’t hire people according to our ability, then we oppress those people”. Based on that principle, CM has a very efficient management boards by only has 3 people. For its programs, CM offer its volunteers and hire volunteers based on their work. It is really a mutualism relationship. What makes me amaze more is, CM calculate its salary per hours and the amount of salary for overtime hours is different.

From outsiders perspective, CM looks like a pure entrepreneur. But actually, CM generates social impacts. How can CM do it? One of it is CM trainers polish their public speaking skills by being a volunteering teacher in school. Is not a rich school with A accreditation but B or even C accreditation.

This is a piece of sharing of Arry Rahmawan. I hope it can motivate us to keep fighting and innovating. It is doesn’t matter how many times we fall. What matter is how many times we can wake up again and keep struggling.



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