Dreamdelion, Oasis of Creativity

After not play or visit Dreamdelion Manggarai for a very looooooooonnnng time, after burying my yearning for about 1 month, finally that yearning spilled out in a one Saturday in early 2015. Hmm, sure Dreamdelion has a mystical magnetism. Wkwk

Initially, I only want to get some talks with CEO Dreamdelion, Kak Alia Noor Anoviar, with eating Macflurry in the middle of rainy season. But, it turned out to be inspirational series of event. After our talk, we accepted Smart Farmer visit with Dreamdelion Sehat team (Euis, Sharra, and Ilham) which is a very cool team. After that, we met with a perky couple, Kak Zaki and Kak Bunga who are promoting their social business namely Rumah Imperium in Sumedang. They asked Kak Alia to endorse their social business with philosophy of every goodness start from a home.

Dreamdelion vertikultur

I thought, okay, I get enough inspiration today. First, seeing various seed growing in Vertikultur area, observing 300 catfishes that growing longer and fatter in nursery pond catfish, and inspiring talk with Kak Zaki and Kak Bunga. Not just that, Kak Bunga also told a story that she has a little sister who still in junior high school but already get a salary higher than her older sister from her e-commerce business. Whooa, It really fires me up to open a business too. Haha.
But, it was not the end, another event was coming. Yups, it was when many krucils (How I called Manggarai Children) who suddenly invaded our beloved CEO, asking for making handicraft.

Then, taraaaa!!! (sound effect), Kak Alia took out many Kokoru Paper and eyes ornament and so we started rolled Kokoru Paper to make a Kepik. The children really really had a high enthusiasm. Thanks God, a help came from Mella and Upi who are expert in making handicraft.
What catch my eyes is when we lacked a paper that each of us can’t make Kepik, those children creatively making other handicraft which is not less cool than Kepik, such as hand watch, ring, car, lollipop, mickey mouse, etc. Their creativity is endless and and plentiful, just like a Dandelion in the middle of weeds. I love how Dreamdelion people giving a teach material that doesn’t restrain children creativity.

The process of making handicraft

Original handicraft we want to make

A mickey mouse

A krucil smile with her trendy hand watch ^^

Another krucil with his fashionable car

I think, Dreamdelion education system conducted in Manggarai is worthy to be a pilot system for Indonesia education system as a whole. We are having fun, the children are happy and they can develop their creativity, get the knowledge and the moral value.

Hmmm, that day was enough, enough to full my lighten and burn my heart to contribute more and more to society. D*mn I love Dreamdelion a lot!!


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