4 Sport Manga You Have to Read

Here are 4 sport manga and anime that are highly recommended!! I have read the manga of all of them. I assure you each story is really great!! All of them motivated me a lot to not give up my dream and to keep trying and trying before it is to late. Quoted from Haikyu!, “If we gotta fall, fall forward!”. True! failed is not inevitable, but, yeah, we have to keep move on, we have to stand up again. Even if we have to fall, let’s fall forward so that we get the lesson and be able to stand up as fast as possible.

1. Eyeshield 21


The sport of this story is American football. The main protagonist is Kobayakawa Sena who has a timid personality, he didn’t have many friends and he scared when he forced to play american football by the most devilish character in his school, Youichi Hiruma. Though he scared, he automatically dodge opponent’s attack, ran as fast as possible and then scored. For that, he ran 40 yards only in 4 second! Then, Hiruma gave him a codename Eyeshield 21 for that speed-like-God skill. Together with his teammates, he face down many team with different speciality. I was really impressed with the story. It has not ordinary sport, with many various yet strong characters. Each team has a speciality skills and so make a different atmosphere and tension in each match. The characters also taught me a lot, one of the quote that I will never forget is, “All those who play on the field will have tasted defeat. There’s no player in this world who has not lost before. However, the best players will give everything he’s got to stand up again. Ordinary people take a while to get back on their feet. While losers will remain flat on the field”. So, don’t wait no more, just read the manga. I am sure it will be beyond your expectations!

2. Kuroko No Basuke


It told a story of Kuroko Tetsuya, a former basketball player in Teiko Middle School, aiming to win a basketball national tournament with his teammates in Seirin High School. To accomplish that, he have to face his former teammates in Teiko Middle School, famously known as Generation of Miracles consisting of five people with terrifying special talent above normal people. Akashi with his emperor eye, Aomine with his freestyle basketball, Kise with his perfect copy, Murasakibara with his vice claw, and Midorima with his three point shoot. The game is very intense with perfect sync great music and choreography. The basic idea is very unique, we will never thought to make a story of a person facing down his former teammates who incredibly strong that spread to five different teams right? Not only they have strong and unique talent but also strong character. It is really a worth reading manga and worth watching anime.

3. Haikyuu!


It is a volleyball manga and anime. The main protagonist is Hinata Shoyo with strong desire to be an ace as a spiker in a volleyball team. Unfortunately, during his junior high school, his team was not strong. His team only able to play one formal match where they faced the team of The King in court, Tobio Kageyama. Hinata’s team losed. But, Hinata was not given up yet. He continued to play volleyball in Karasuno High School with big hope because he really idolize predecessor Karasuno’s volleyball team who famously known as a Little Giant. He really like Little Giant because it light his hope since he is also a small player. He never thought that he will play with Tobio as Tobio also go to Karasuno High. Together with his team, Hinata aim for the top! The story is very realistic that the players don’t have a overwhelming talent like characters in Kuroko No Basuke. So that is why, the story goes on naturally. No instant or not-realistic-victory. Each of players got a realistic development of character that makes us think, “Ah, I felt the same just like him” etc. I have read many comments say that this story get deep in their heart.

4. Chihayafuru


The sport is not very famous like soccer or basketball. More specific, the sport even not very famous in Japan itself. Yeah, the sport is Karuta. Karuta is a sport that challenge the the player’s brain memory, audibility, speed, reflect, and strategy to the maximum. Chihayafuru told a story of a Chihaya Arase who loves Karuta very much and dedicated herself for winning a National Team Tournament and become a Queen (The best woman karuta player in the world). The other two main protagonist were Arata Wataya and Taichi Mashima. I learned a lot from this story, it told many values in life. In Karuta, there a potentially a gap between the one with pure talent with the one with no talent. That was why, there were many players forfeit playing because they think no matter how much they train, how many time they dedicate, and how many years the spend, they will never win the one with talent.
But! There was other players, especially Taichi who don’t have talent and failed a lot, yet they stand up again and trying and trying. He said that, “I don’t have any talent for karuta either. It’s tough, but I still play! I keep playing because it is so much fun when we win!”. He also said, “Than a talent player, I prefer someone who are dedicated to himself in Tatami”.


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