Priority In Our Life

I like to observe people. Their action, reaction, expression, tone, eye and body movement. I believe body language speaks more than one word. We must often feel that time right? When we can surely say, “okay, his intention is sincere”, “Aaa, so he is 2 faces type, talk bad behind me and talk good in front of me”.

One day, I came to wedding ceremony. Unconsciously, I started to observe people. There were about 200 people, some of them gathered together, some of them standing alone. Most of them carried a plate of food or a glass of drink. They chatted each other, talking about everything crossed their mind. I feel like standing with me only in slow motion, scanning people movement, expression, and conversation.

I agreed wedding ceremony is the strategic moment to catch up with what our family or friends doing. I chatted also, and I realized, people do and talk based one their prioritization of life. Some of them came up to be really different. For example, my friend told about giving her children the best education that from her version is a high prestigious school with a high cost and how proud she is in seeing her children being good at school lesson while other of my friend told that her children was able to memorize 1 juz of Alquran. As a matter of fact, the school fee for the second case was higher than the first one. But, my friend didn’t mention it, she was just focuses on how happy she is seeing her children progression in memorizing Alquran. She said, “my biggest happiness is seeing my children able to memorize Alquran”. I conclude that my first friend focuses on dunya things while my friend focuses on life after death things.

I am not trying to offense my first friend prioritization. I appreciated that every single person prioritization. Everyone has their own parameters. But, I really hope that we started to make life after death as our prioritization because of 2 things. First, actually whatever your success story is, people will only remember it for a while (since your success do not affect their life) and get back and busy with their activity and prioritization. It is natural that we think our self first. We also will face the God by our self. We responsible by what we are doing our self.

Second, death surely will come to us. A time where even our small action will be asked, with a heaven or hell as our new home in the end. We live only in a short time in this dunya, while in life after death, is immortal. So, the life after death is truly more important to be prepared. Actually, if we prepare for life after death, the dunya life will be prepared also. But, if we only prepare for dunya life, the life after death will not be prepared enough. So, let’s make a prioritization for life after death. It is important and necessary for our own good.

For the closing, I think we realize that people care more for their life after death have a more peaceful body language.


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