Alquran, The Guidance of Life

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb. May peace upon you 🙂

Recently, I feel so peaceful. During this time, i always really curious about Alquran. I was kind of sad. Why I never feel like crying or touched when I read Alquran any longer. I just read and then finished. Nothing good grow inside me. Though, Alquran is the greatest mukjizat by Allah SWT. There must be something that I do not understand, something lost in me. Then, I keep praying to God, “Oh God, please give me wisdom. I really want to understand Alquran”.

Alhamdulillah, about 2 weeks a go, I met my friend. She told me about tafsir Suroh Taha that told a conversation between Musa AS the massanger with Allah SWT. That, just from some verses of Alquran of their conversation turned out to be a great and universal lesson even to us, people, that living a thousand years after Musa AS. Subhanallah, that conversation really give a big impression. My friend got the story from Ustadz Nouman Ali Khan. He is an American Muslim speaker and founder, CEO and lead instructor at The Bayyinah Institute for Arabic and Qur’anic Studies. Thanks God, there are many videos of his lectures in Youtube. I started to watch not just tafsir Suroh Taha but also Nuh AS story, tafsir Suroh Al-Kahfi, and many more. His lecture, just like a fresh, warm, and clear light in a dark room. There are fresh because he can relate the story to our modern life, warm because he doing his lecures sincerely to make us be a better muslim, and clear because his content is full with basic and reason.

One lesson that I won’t forget is the true meaning behind “Astagfirulloh” word. I only know that word is used to saying over and over again to get forgiveness from Allah SWT. After I watch Nouman Ali Khan lesson, it turned out to what I understand is true but not totally true. Nouman said, that word has 3 meanings, the first one is asking forgiveness. The second one is wanting forgiveness. The difference between the first and second meaning is like that. Think that we are the old brother and we make our young brother cry. Then our parent command us to say sorry. Then, we said
sorry” just because our parent ask us. The word only come from our mouth, is not sincerely said by our heart. While in the second meaning, wanting forgiveness, we ask to be forgiven sincerely. So, we said it with our mouth and our heart alson want to be forgiven. The last one is seeking forgiveness which mean, we act in our daily life, change our attitude, and seek for forgiveness with our real action. So, how to say “Astagfirulloh” in a true way? Say it from our mouth, want it from the bottom of our heart, and seek it by making a real action.

What makes me more amazed is, the lesson above is what we get after truly learn the meaning of one word from Allah SWT. Then, how about all the word contained in Alquran. I am really sure it is gotta be a mind blowing and incredible lesson that should be applied to make our life in this dunya become worth and we acceptable to His heaven.

I want to say thank you for my friend for introducing me to Nouman lesson. If you are not tell me, maybe I am still in confuse and lost state. For all muslim all around the world, let’s learn Alquran. It is truly our guidance to live happily ever after in dunya (this life) and after life. Thanks for reading, sorry if this story turned out to be my personal story.

Wassalamualaikum Wr Wb. May peace upon us 🙂


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