I am emotionally damaged with Jakarta’s traffic

One sentence to describe Jakarta’s citizen mind about Jakarta’s traffic? I am pretty sure the answer will be more or less, “I am emotionally damaged with Jakarta’s traffic T.T”

Long a go, people still obey the rule like stopping when the traffic light is red, the slower one goes on the left road while the faster one goes on the right road, we stop behind the traffic light, we do not go zig-zag as we wish. In term of the road condition, the condition was good, no deadly big hole in the middle of the road, everytime there is a hole, the local government will fix it quickly. There was no terrific traffic jam everywhere and anytime too back then.

Right now? Let’s start from the traffic jam. Traffic jam happens most of the time and everywhere. For example, long ago we only need to half an hour but right now we need to doubled that time. The attitude of the road user? Incredibly barbarian, they ride zig zag as they wish, only care to themselves, break the traffic light, and turn on their klakson when its really clear the road already full. And right now, “begal” (A bunch of bad people steal citizen private transportation by hurt the citizen before) is a big threat that happen in almost Jakarta’s road.

(Sigh…), Jakarta is not friendly anymore. The title of the most traffic jam’s city and the most dangerous city in the world are suitable indeed.

Guys, come on, let’s make a change and start from the simpliest thing is, before it is too late. Like riding with good attitude. We know it is hard, but it is necessary and important. Let’s make a lively life back to the city, where we are emotionally happy on Jakarta’s road 


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