How Javanese People Propose (My Brother Story)

27 September 2015. It was kind of big day for me. Though it was a bigger day for my oldest brother, because he propose his future on that day. Don’t think it turned out like a movie, with the wedding ring, candle light dinner, or big flower bucket. He did it with Javanese culture of Indonesia. So, I would like to tell the way javenese people do proposing ^^

1. When the man propose, the man will bring his entire family to the woman house where the woman also with her entire family. It is a strategic event to know more about the future soul mate’s family.

2. But….. , because the proposing event is such a big event, the man will not willing to do that before he is sure the woman will accept his propose. Usually the man will meet the woman’s parent beforehand and tell them his purpose.

3. The proposing starts with the introduction from the man’s family representative, usually the cousin or the brothers of the parent. The representative said the purpose they come to the woman house and introduce the family that come one by one. After that, the representative of the woman family will answer by thanking the man’s family for coming, introduce the family one by one, and lastly give the final answer. It is usually intespersed with prayers, hoping it will be a blessing marriage.

4. After the proposing is accepted, it will continue with eating lunch together. Both families will eat, chat, and mingle together

5. In proposing event, it is an obligation of the man family to bring something asked by the woman family. It is different between each family. But, usually it is a food like this

Thanks a million to my God, Allah SWT, the proposing went well. I was really happy, because I do think my brother and his future wife suits to each other.

That night, I have a little chat with my father and my brother, then we realize that this day was the day my mother passed away. Then I think about my mother deeply, I wonder what her reaction will be seeing her son will soon marry someone and start his own family. I do believe, she will be happy, a lot :”)


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