The Art of Travelling and The Beauty of Pahawang

“Indeed the journey set you free, broaden your horizon, and make you apreciate life more and more”

Recently, I have gone to one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia: Pahawang Island. It was truly first time I went travelling which is so far and in backpacker mode. Deep inside, I felt enjoyment and edginess.

The journey started with gathering in Kampung Rambutan Terminal. After 16 member gathered, we took the bus at around 9 pm. Before, to suprise myself, I didn’t look for information about Pahawang Island, how beautoful is it, how long the journey to go there, and all the detailed information. So, I never thought I would be sitting in the bus until 1.30 am in the next day after I crossed the West Java and Banten. I still remember, in 12 pm, I was in long and lonely road. The road is quite big with 2 lanes for each direction. There were just a few vehicles, running in a high speed like they want to arrive in their destination as soon as possible. I felt serenity piercing to my heart, as I saw almost the bus passengers were falling asleep and all the surroundings outside the window went passing me one by one in almost monochrome colour.

In 1.30 am, I arrived in Merak Port. I saw the refelction of moonlight rippling in the sea. The port infrastructure was a new thing for me. I thought, it was quite good but we need to improve it to be more orderly and cleaner. Then, I went up to Ferry Ship. I tried my best to feel comfortable and falling asleep, though I wake up frequently. The ferry ship journey session ended after I went down to Bakaheuni Port at 4.30 am.

My group decided to take a rest for a while in the port until subuh praying time. In my pray, I wish safety and blessing for our long journey. Then, at 5.20 pm, I sat in the AVP car, the group leader divided the group to 2 cars. I got a car which the driver played dangdut and alay songs non-stop and in a high volume in 3 hours journey. Thankfully, due to weariness, all of us slept almost in those 3 hours. Though, my toleration in hearing the song was getting higher and so I can saw the hills covered by trees and oil palm plantation along the way with pleasure.
“Owh, is not over yet” was what I thought after I arrived in the small port as the only access to go to Pahawang Island. I arrived there in 8 am and I still had to take a small ship, enough for 16 of us, for about 1 hour before I arrived in Kelagian Island, the island right next to Pahawang Island. But, truly, yeah, truly, the scenery make me didn’t care of how long it take to go here. The scenery was really really extraordinary. The sky above with the cloud, the sea below with its ripple waves, and the islands scattered between them created the perfect composition. The sound of waves, the wind, and the bird create a perfect harmony. A master piece indeed. One sentence: God does exist because no human can make something like this.

Perfect Scenery of Pahawang Island

Skip to snorkling time, in day one, we went to 2 locations in Pahawang Island. The coral reefs planted in sea base near the island. There were the coral looked tender with its stem waving by the current wave and the coral looked so stiff with young brown colour. There were many kind of fish I didn’t recognized, I only knew the fish with intermittent colour: orange and white with the famous name of Nemo. And also the fish with blue colour with a little yellow with the famous name of Dory. In the afternoon, I spent my time looking at the sunset. Of course I took a illusion photo where I was seen clutching the sun. Lol.

Here is some picture:

Pahawang Coral Reefs 1
Pahawang Coral Reefs

Pahawang Coral Reefs 2
Pahawang Coral Reefs

Nemo in Pahawang Island
Nemo in Pahawang Island

Sunset in Pahawang Island
Beatiful Sunset

Got a picture underwater ^^

Jumping to the highest!! ^^

Clutching the sunset. Lol ^^

In day two, I went to another snorkling area which is more natural and have not often touched by humans. Because I went down a little bit far from the coral reefs area, I enjoyed seeing the coral reefs area in whole picture, which is again totally amazing. I felt like I prefer to enjoy it from far away so I can prevent myself to not harming the coral reefs accidently. There were almost hard coral reefs and few of them seemed died because human already touched it. As I knew it already died, I used it as a grip so I can take a picture underwater. Thereafter, I went back and I played in a beach with my friends. Doing silly things like writing in the sand, playing like a kid in the beach, and jumping all over again from the dock and felt the body slapping as I jump to the sea. Lastly, as I not satisfied enough with the slapping sensation by jumping to the sea, I took the banana boat with the rest of high adrenaline friends to get a more hardcore body slapping as we slammed to the sea hardly. The pain spreaded all over to my body, but still, I was satisfied. Even, I want the more extreme way if there is any. Lol.

Then, as you might guess, all of us prepared to go back to Jakarta. In opposite order, though with the same 12 hours, we took the ship to go back to Sumatera Island, then continued with APV car to Bekauheni Port. We took the ferry ship to Merak Port and ended by sitting in a bus and finally arrived in Kampung Rambutan terminal around 00.00 am. The song played in bus miraculously decribe my feeling: The Show by Lenka. With cathcy lyrics, she sang “I am just a little girl caught in the middle (of this moment), (and) I just enjoy the show ^^


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