Example of Independent Writing Task of TOEFL iBT

This is an example of independent writing task of TOEFL iBT made by me. I used the template and pick the question provided by this website http://www.toeflresources.com. I found this website really useful to make us writing integrated and independent essay in systematic way and also able us to get a high score.

I do my best not to make grammatical error and typo. But, if you find one, I will be really grateful if you correct me by leaving a comment. I hope this example can be useful for all of us. Thank you.

Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Choosing to live whether in a small town or a big city is a big choice for all of us. We have to consider carefully many aspects such as for ourself and our family. In my opinion, I prefer to live in a big city because it offer more chance for our self development and have more up-to-date life style. I will explore the reasons why I fell this way in the following essay.

To begin with, big city absolutely offer more chance for self-development rather than small town. The self development with more job oppurtunity, many high career vacancy, and top universities and school for our children which is usually only located in big city. From my childhood experience, I have lived 2 years in small town before my family moved to capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. When I lived in small town, my father sent me to non-top junior high school. Then, I moved to Jakarta when I was still in second grade of junior high school. Fortunately, my report was adequate to make me accepted in top junior high school in Jakarta. After 6 months studying there, I can clearly tell that the curriculum of school in Jakarta is two times harder than my old school. This example demonstrates the big gap of self-development offered by big city and small town.

Moreover, in term of up-to-date lifestyle, certainly big city is more updated than small town. As big city acts like a central city for the small town in its surrounding, otomatically, the technology, news, and its kind will begin from big city, and it will spread to small town in the city’s surrounding. For example, when I went to a trip to a satellite town of Jakarta, named Bandung. I went to the biggest bookstore there with intention to buy book which I knew that the book was already on sale in Jakarta. I was quite schocked to know that the book was not yet provided in Bandung. After I realized that, I thought that if the book was not updated, it must be the same for technolgy and its other kind. Actually, Bandung included in big town in Indonesia, so, the small town must be more outdated. This illustrates the difference of lifestyle in big city and small town.

In conclusion, I strongly prefer to live in a big city rather than small town. This is because big city offer both more opportunity and updated lifestyle.


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