10 Inspiring Quotes from Chihayafuru Manga

I have been hooked again with Chihayafuru manga and anime again lately. Even though I have made the first review in here https://titisari04.wordpress.com/2014/12/25/chihayafuru-a-story-of-karuta/ , I want to write review again with compilation of 10 profound quotes in Chihayafuru that truly inspiring me and change the way I see the world and myself.

Quote from chapter 154

“I feel that their feelings, their wishing us luck, can take us up towards ‘good fortune’ like a draft of warm air”

I couldn’t agree more with this. We often have a moment like this right? When we have to go through big events in our life, such as test to get to university or school, final project presentation, or when we are going to married. At that kind of time, we really need support from our surroundings and parents always have a special part. They are number one person who will support us 100%,. Eventhough in some cases, they can’t help us in knowledge or mentally, knowing they support us and praying for the best for us is already enough for us right? 🙂


154 a

Quote from Chapter 153

“My youth is only just starting. I’ve seen many old geezers, and many old ladies, that’s why I know, believe me. So, listen carefully to what I’ll say, okay, guys? Youth comes many times. You can experience it many, many times. So, make sure you work hard on each of those times, okay?”

We often get perception that youth only comes once and it only happen when we are young. But, I believe everybody’s peak of youth is different. Age doesn’t matter. And it comes many times. It’s all depend on whether we try our best to reach and feel the momen of youth again. Are we try our best enough for that? And do we give our all in our youth time. Behind difficulty, there always be easiness. Just keep optimic and try our best again and again.

153 a

153 b


Quote from Chapter 150

“Have you started a fire as a game? Although it is called talent, I think of it, as simply your speed of starting a fire until you have it burning. Those with ‘talent’ make a fire catch real quick. But that alone, doesn’t guarantee how strong your flame will be nor how long it can keep burning”

I often feel frustration as I am under perception that I don’t have specific life purpose as I see some of my friends already set a goal and focussing their entire life for it. Then, this quote hits me hard and open my mind. I realize that everybody has their own way to get their peak of life, to get the moment of talent ‘burning’. When somebody catch the fire real quick, it doesn’t mean that others have to do the same. We are unique in our own way and have our own pace to ‘burning the fire’.

150 b

150 c


Quote from Chapter 141

“Eventhough you don’t like it, you still tried your absolute hardest in it. So I thought that, it was really admirable. That’s how much you loved those people”

I believe we ever have a feeling like this even only once in our life. When we trapped in a situation in which we can’t easily change nor get out from it. For example, situation of where we are wrong to choose a university major or jobs and we just realize it when we already spend years in it. But, as we already fell more attachment with its knowledge, surroundings, and friend, we find that we still stay and do our best. I really feel it in my current situation and find that it’s already too late to get out, and so I decide to give my ‘absolute hardest’. Just like Taichi ended this chapter by saying, “those encouraging words, and those days we spend together, turned into a curse, and I can’t leave it like that”

141 a

141 c


Quote from Chapter 122

“Do not break with words someone you could not break with your play”

This quote reminds me to only say a good word to ourself and surrounding sincw words hold so much power than we imagine.


122 b

122 c


Quote from Chapter 108

“He’s working so hard because he wants to become his own person!”

In some cases, we have passion that people as a something not important and we can’t live nor get money from it. In short, it’s useless. In the end, some of us let our passion go and live as other people want us to live. Thought, deep in our heart, we feel hurt, hopeless, and sad because we let our passion go. Thankfully, there is also some people like Taichi whose despite he has to face prohibition from his mother, he keeps working hard. Just like the girl said, “he wants to become his own person”



Quote from Chapter 37 Part 1

“In order your all doing things you want to do, you also have to give your all doings the things you don’t want to do”

It’s natural for us to only do what we want and avoid doing things we don’t like. But, in society, it is not that simple. Many times, we have to endure and do things we don’t like so that we can continue do things we like. When we seek for perfection, we can’t do thing halfheartedly.



Quote from Chapter 37 Part 2

“Please stop, Sensei. This isn’t like you. Rather than becoming an A-Class player, I want to become someone who doesn’t run away”

My first impression when I read this is, “Taichi is so strong and have a high endurance. Not anybody can make decision like this”, as we know how hard he tried to be an A-Class player yet he ended being a runner up twice. We almost reach it, yet we fall. We know that fall from high place is sicker and its harder to stand high again. This quote encourage me a lot, as I like to say it to myself again and again whenever I am in nadir point.

37 a

37 b


Quote from Chapter 28

“Frustrating, isn’t it frustrating? Being runner up is the most frustrating at all”

“Don’t cry. Not yet. I haven’t put so much in the line that it’s okay for me cry yet. Just feeling the frustration is enough”

I got two main messages in here. How frustration it is to almost reach the peak, yet we can’t reach it. We are treated the same as people who failed from the first step. Then, what Taichi said hits me hard. When we become runner up, we can’t blame the others aspects, maybe it is just us not try hard enough.

28 28 a


Quote from Chapter 12

“It’s tough, but I keep playing. I lose, but I keep playing. When seeking fellow players, I’d prefer someone who can continue to work hard on tatami”

This quote leave deep impression on me as I often get perception which talent people is the choosen one and they will always be a winner. But, it is not true, I realize that in real world, perseverance, endurance, and dedication play an important part as deciding factor.

12 c


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