Memorable Journey of Climbing Papandayan Mountain


Recently, I just climbed Papandayan Mountain together with my friends. Indeed, it was a highly memorable journey that has left an imprint in my mind and soul. Journey in Papandayan is not only about reaching the mountain peak. It is more about spiritual journey that refresh my mind and make me become a better person.

I experienced many new things as I climbed the mountain. My bond with my friend became stronger. I also learnt about hard work and perseverance. And the most important thing is I learnt to be more grateful to Allah SWT. It is clearly under His Power that an amazing scenery of Papandayan Mountain is created.

Before I go further with my journey, I would like to describe a little about Papandayan. Papandayan is located in Garut, West Java. It is suitable for beginners because of its sloping track. Papandayan offers amazing scenery that can not be found in other mountain, start from Eruption Crater, Dead Forest, and Tegal Alun. I was immediately treated to amazing scenery of Eruption Crater from the start of climbing. Its Sulfur fumes is still steaming after the last eruption in 2002. Since this was our first time to Papandayan, we took so many pictures. We thought that, if Eruption Crater is this beautiful, Dead Forest and Tegal Alun will be more beautiful. After walking for 4 hours from Eruption Crater, we arrived in Pondok Salada, a camping site. Pondok Salada offers a green scenery as long my eyes can see. In here, we built our tent and made our food.


Eruption Crater

After stayed a day, in the morning, we went climbing again to Dead Forest near the top of the mountain. It took only 30 minutes with its sloping track. As we arrived there, only two words came out from my mind to describe Dead Forest. It is beautifully exotic. It is dominated by charred tree trunks soaring into the sky with white rocks field as a surface. Interestingly, after the passed 14 years of eruption, the tree roots are coming to life again. So, since Dead Forest will not last forever, people should go to Papandayan while it still exist.


The charred tree trunks soaring into the sky

As we quite satisfied with taking a picture in Dead Forest, we climbed again to reach Edelweis Field. For me, this journey was the hardest part. As its track Its steep heights reach a slope angle of 60 degrees. It only took one hour, but I felt like two times exhausted and tired by the track. Thanks God, there were my friends, we struggled together and helped each other. As we reached the peak, I felt like all the hardness in my heart and body was gone. I felt like crying and grateful deep in my heart. “Thank you. Alhamdulillah. MasyaAllah. Allahuakbar” was what I said simultaneously as I was shown by amazing scenery of Edelweis Field. The Field is full with Edelweis as long as my eyes can see. The place was like a magic place as it was covered by thick fog.


Edelweis Field covered by thick fog


Edelweis flower

During this journey, I also felt like I become closer with my friends. We struggled together, start from climbing for hours, setting up a tent, cooking together, have a chat all night and many more. We insist to do every task together. This journey made me learnt about loyalty, helping each other, and patience. Lastly, I felt like I become closer to Allah SWT. Saw His creation directly made me feel like I am nothing compare to Him. I realize that I have to be more humble and more grateful to Allah SWT and do my best to be useful for others.

Thank you Papandayan for memorable journey!!




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