Adressing Demography Bonus of Indonesia

In 2025-2025, Indonesia will face demography bonus which 43% from total population will be in productive age group. Indonesia (government and its citizen) must prepare the strategies to face that so that demography bonus does not turn out to be demography burden. Based on writer perspective, at least there are two things can be done by the government and citizen.

To begin with, government has to start by making structural reformation. In education sector, government has increase teacher skills (academic and non-academic) and salary so that they can give their best in teaching their students. In infrastructure sector, government has to develop interconnected infrastructure so that logistic can circulated well and decrease the logistic cost. Furthermore, develop infrastructure also create equitable regional development and create job opportunities for productive age group.

On the other hand, as the most vital thing from demography bonus, productive age group has to prepare their best. In education sector, they has to prepare to be skilled worker. Especially after knowing that according to Central Bureau of Statistic, only 10% of productive age group graduate from university and only 3.8% of them is skilled worker and as in 2015, Indonesia will face Economic Asean Forum, manpower competitiveness will be stricter. Beside being skilled worker, they also has to increase their innovative thinking so that can create finished product with more value. Even, they can be entrepreneur and so create more job opportunity.

In conclusion, demography bonus is inevitable and so we have create it into Indonesia advantage. For that, government and productive age group have to do their best based on their capacity such as in infrastructure, education, and innovative product sector.


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