Social Project of CED Class of 2010


Civil Engineering Department Social Project by Class of 2010 has ran well.

This pilot project was ran by having a collaboration with Sedekah Brutal Community (SBC). In the end of 2015, SBC ran its 14th project to give Hearing Aids to deaf children from 2 Extraordinary School in Depok named Dharma Asih and Insan Mandiri. SBC have checked the children and it was clear that the children really need the Hearing Aids. They can not hear properly and so can not study properly though they have a big dream and act cheerful. No doubt that the Hearing Aids will be very useful for their future.

Fundraising was ran for 1 month in December 20015. Thank God, the CED Class of 2010 enthusiastically participated. Rp 10.802.010 was collected. This is the recapitulation of funding:

Rekap Dana akhir 1

Rekap Dana akhir 2

Rekap Dana akhir 3

The handover ceremony was ran well in 13th February 2015. Representative of CED Class of 2010 came only to handover ceremony in Insan Mandiri where SBC gave 4 Hearing Aids. When the provider set the Hearing Aids to one of the children and he acted innocently as he started to hearing the sound from the first time really did covered all of us with gratitude feeling to God. Indeed hearing is a gift beyond measure that we have to gratitude for over and over again.


The process of Hearing Aid installment


Three Children got Hearing Aids


Handover Ceremony

CED Class of 2010 say thank you for this sharing opportunity. Now CED Class of 2010 is looking for its second social project ^_^











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