Lithuania Trip

During holiday between Period 1 and Period 2 of studying in KTH, I got a chance to have Lithuania together with 9 Indonesia friends. We took flight by Norwegian Air, a cheap flight of course. In total with accommodation and food, I spent more or less 800 krona for 3 days trip.

I underwent a historical journey as Lithuania still maintain its historical castle in a good term. I just knew that Lithuania is a former colony of Soviet Union and Germany at the latter period of World War I. Then, in the end of World War II, Germany retreated and Soviet Union reoccupied Lithuania until 1990. Because of this colonial history, we can see architectural style of Soviet and Germany in many buildings in here.

But actually before this colonial history, long ago in 14th century, there was a kingdom in Lithuania led by Grand Duchy who ruled over the present-day of  Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and parts of Poland and Russia. Trakai castle, one of the iconic tourist destination, is one of the main center of Grand Duchy.

In this trip, we went to Cathedral (Arkikatedra Bazilika), Vilnius Old Town, Trakai Castle, and St. Anne’s Church.

This is Cathedral (Arkikatedra Bazilika).


Still Cathedral (Arkikatedra Bazilika)


This is Gediminas Tower which located in the top of hill in the center of Vilnius Old Town.20161016_180501.jpg

The sunset from Gediminas Tower20161016_180759.jpg

Gediminas Tower from below 20161016_174902.jpg

Landscape view of Vilnius from the top of Gediminas Tower20161016_175812.jpg

One of the interesting restaurant near Trakai castle ^^
As we tried to look for traces of history, they  casually installing signpost with inscription “In this house in year 1954, nothing happened”


Still in the same restaurant, they write “All beautiful ladies come thru this door”. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed. If not, absolutely I will pass thru this door ^^


Trakai Castle in Trakai Island. Beautiful isn’t it?20161017_125249.jpg

Lastly, some picture of us ^^



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