Nostalgia with Mocca and Ten 2 Five Songs

It has been long time enough before I start to remember Mocca and Ten2Five again. I am pretty sure Indonesian 90th generations know them well. They are not like other Indonesian bands. With the classy and elegant style, they stood up in the crowd!

These band’s musical style are inspired by the retro sounds of the 70s, with influences of swing, bossa nova, and swing jazz. Specifically for Mocca, their live performance is usually supported by six additional players on keyboards, guitar, percussion, trumpet, trombone, and sax.

With their soothing vocal colour, no doubt their songs will spoiled our ears. Their lyrics are so simple yet so deep. Their songs are perfect to listen to while we are in the journey, like in the train while we are looking outside from the window, or while we are in the café, sipping the coffee.

So, here it is, my top lists of Mocca and Ten 2 Five songs. I only choose the English songs so that readers can easily relate and understand the song better – because a good song is not only about melody but also about the lyrics.

For side notes, they are really famous outside of Indonesia! Even Mocca’s songs were featured in Korea and Thailand movie!

#Number 1

Mocca –  I Remember


Mocca : I think I’m in Love


Ten 2 Five – You


Ten 2 Five – I will Fly


Ten 2 Five –  I Do


Mocca – Secret Admirer


Ten 2 Five – Love is You


Mocca – Happy


Mocca – My Only One


Mocca – Do What You Wanna Do


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