Trip to Iceland

There are too many things to mention about Iceland trip. Here, I will just mention the most memorable ones.

A day without dark night

Midnight sun

I have lived in Indonesia for 24 years with balance of sunlight and dark night. After living in Stockholm for 1 year, well, I start to get used to 4 hours of dark night during summer and 6 hours of sunlight during winter. But Iceland takes this matter into different level. Here, I didn’t see dark night at all. The picture here was taken at 00.00 and the sky was getting lighter more and more. No dark at all. Somehow it can be frustrating for me. Thanks God every rooms here has blind curtains that totally block the sunlight.

Fasting for 22 hours


download.jpgLong ago, I really want to try to do the longest fasting in the world. And it came true. In Iceland, I break my fasting at 00.00 and start again at 02.00. I am okay to do fasting for 22 hours but it was quite hard to break the fast and then do the suhoor (pre-dawn meal) only in 2 hours range. Well, fasting in Iceland is indeed an unforgettable experience. I hope someday I can do fasting during winter here. Imagine! We only have to fasting for 4 hours. Haha.

Waterfall, waterfall, and waterfall again

Iceland has too many waterfalls. First time we arrived here, we just saw small waterfall beside the road and we were so happy that we took many picture with it. Then, we saw Skogafoss, a 60 rectangle waterfall in south part of Iceland. We totally mesmerized by it.


Then, we also saw  Seljalandsfoss which is quite unique as we can go behind it as well. Luckily, the sky was so bright and lit that we were able to spot the rainbow ❤ ❤


On the next day, we went to Gullfoss and Vatnsleysufoss located in Golden Circle. After I saw both, Skogafoss and Seljalandfoss become so small because both are too massive and magnificent!!


Sheeps, Horses, and Cows everywhere


There are ranches along our journey. I guess almost everyone in Iceland has ranch which is really big and more humane compare to other type of ranch all around the world. They just let the sheeps, horses, and cows “hanging around” in the really spacious land. The animals grow naturally by eating plants and look very healthy and no stress at all. The sheeps are so fluffy that make us want to take one while the horses looks muscular and sexy with its long hair.


Playing with water in Black Sand Beach


For the first time in my life, I went to black sand beach. It is similar with the usual white sand beach but still the feeling is different. This beach is quite special as there are a high cliff right beside the beach, giving magnificent view! I didn’t miss this chance to play with the water but yeah, the water was very cold.


Back to nature with Iceland’s exquisite landscape


Canyon, waterfall, beach, lake, volcano, whale watching, geyser, aurora, and iceberg. Request them all and I bet you can find all of it in Iceland. More than it, all of them are provided in the most astonishing and unique form.

All in all

IMG_20170611_230449_929All in all, the most memorable from this Iceland trip was going with Kiki Rizki, Alfi Hadi Firdaus, Libbis Sujessy, and Hilfi Amri. They “taught” me a lot about ilmu per-“bully”-an. Thank you for increasing my resistance. Haha. Besides that, we help each other a lot, chat a lot, cooking and have fun together. I will not forget this trip! 





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