Expert System and Decision Support System

In this article, we will discuss what is Expert System (ES), what is Decision Support System (DSS), how they work, and what is the difference between them. The examples presented here will be an environment planning cases. Expert System (ES) ES is based on simple rule-based logic Problem is completely defines There is clear way for the solution method ES represent precisely what is needed, … Continue reading Expert System and Decision Support System

Magnetism Susceptibility Measurement of Bedrocks

Have you ever wondered that we can categorized rock based on its magnetism? Actually I never thought of that, until I stumbled upon a lovely course of Environmental Measuring and Monitoring. It was really hard and foreign for me. Even I am not sure whether I will use the gained knowledge from this course in the future or not. It is too much of geology … Continue reading Magnetism Susceptibility Measurement of Bedrocks

Planning of Ecovillage in Stockholm

I don’t know much about urban planning in Jakarta even though I have live there for many years. So, I won’t say much about that. But, here is what I know about how Swedes planning its urban area ^^ Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, encompasses 14 islands with total area of 188 km², is a home for 2.3 million people. Its inhabitant is keep on increasing … Continue reading Planning of Ecovillage in Stockholm

Unsupervised and Supervised Classification

Unsupervised Classification Unsupervised Classification mengidentifikasi spectral classes/cluster dalam multiband image tanpa intervensi operator. Kelebihan US: kesalahan operator diminimalisir dan unique classes dianggap sebagai distinct units. Kekurangan US: korespondensi yang tidak jelas terhadap informational classes, kontrol yang terbatas terhadap classes, dan spectral classes tidak konstan. Tahap Unsupervised Classification: Mendefinisikan jumlah spectral classes yang ditemukan Mendefinisikan distance (antara pusat cluster di ruang fitur) dan kriteria variance Mengatur jumlah … Continue reading Unsupervised and Supervised Classification

Color Composite

Penggabungan band yang mewakili warna primer (merah, hijau dan biru) menghasilkan color composite image. Ketika tiga warna ini digabungkan dalam berbagai proporsi, mereka menghasilkan komposisi warna yang berbeda. Pemilihan band dan warna akan mempengaruhi color composite. Sebaiknya pilih band yang menghasilkan color composite yang lebih mudah dianalisa. Sumber foto:   Refleksi dari color composite image menghasilkan spectral signature. Spectral signature adalah koleksi pixel yang memiliki … Continue reading Color Composite