Parenting Method Based On Song Il Kook (Superman Return)

Lately I have been hooked by Korean reality-variety show named The Return of Superman. The concept is celebrity dads are left to care for their kids alone for 48 hours without the help of anyone. During the 48 hours the dads and children are either doing a task the wives have written out for the dads to complete or the dads exploring new activities with their kids.

My most favorite is dad Song Il Kook with his triplet children: Daehan, Minguk, and Manse.



I got many inspiration by parenting method by Song Il Kook. Here is some. I hope we can be as great parent as he is.

  • Thinking Chair

This is taken from episode 60. In this episode, Daehan and Minguk got disciplined by sitting in thinking chair for yelling and throwing things. They have to sit down facing the wall for 5 minutes to reflect their wrong-doings. After 5 minutes, Song Il Kook will tell them personally what is their wrong-doings and why they should not do that. Furthermore, he also told them that he does that because he loves them.

  • Showering The Kids with Love

In episode 67, Minguk got up early and so he had a time alone with his dad. In here out of the blue, Song Il Kook said “I love you” to Minguk passionately which also answered back by Minguk in a very cute way. After that, Song Il Kook showered his kid with kisses. This action absolutely made Minguk knew that he was being loved by his dad.

  • Teaching to Sharing

As Daehan, Minguk, and Manse love strawberry so much, this time Song Il Kook tried to teach his children to sharing the strawberry. Which I found that will be hard since they love strawberry so much and usually kids in their ages will focus to eat for their own. Il Kook said to Daehan, “Manse and Minguk can’t eat of you have it all. You have to share”. After trying many times and they tricked Il Kook many times, in the end they want to share the strawberry.

  • Magic of 10 seconds

Being a triplet is not always being comfortable. As the parent not always provide things in the same number as triplet, so they have to share. So that is why Song Il Kook taught his kids with “magic of 10 seconds”. The rule is simple, one of the triplet can use the thing fro 10 seconds, after that he has to give it to another triplet.

  • Giving Etiquette Lessons

I believe that children do wrong things because the parent don’t tell them the right way or just ask them to do something without giving explanation and throw tantrum is the children don’t do as the parent say.

In here, we can see the right way when Song Il Kook asked them to say thank you to their teacher as he also say thank you and bow to give real example. Beside that, he also explain them by saying which in the simple way: “if you encounter this situation, you should do this and this because of this and this”. If we go through all triplet’s video, we can see that Song Il Kook did that many times.

  • Giving Trust and Responsibility to Children

Even though the triplet is only 4 years, Song Il Kook them responsibility to buy food. Even it seems a simple task for us, it is of course a challenging task for the kids. Even if the triplet made a mistake, Il Kook always praise them and tell them the right way. This method make the triplet not afraid to do the future responsibility coming to them.

  • Trying New and Various Activities

The triplet is only 4 years old, yet they have tried in military duty, skiing, swimming, cycling, cooking, dancing and so on. Song Il Kook really pay attention to let the triplet do new and various activities as enhance their knowledge and broaden their way of thinking. Furthermore, Il Kook also let them eat various dishes. As result, the triplet is not become a picky eater and grow faster than children in the same age.

Song Il Kook and triplet, thank you for giving us many lessons.

Lastly, for bonus for all of us, let’s see the this lovely triplet video. In here, Daehan bowed to the cameraman, Minguk bowed to cameraman and kissed the camera, and Manse kissed the cameraman.


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